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Preston Sprinkle on Grace, Truth, and Homosexuality

Engaging Preston Sprinkle as he seeks to stand on truth and love.

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Pope Francis and the Footnote That Could Split the Catholic Church

A new exhortation on marriage and the family tries to steer a middle road.

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Heaven Isn’t Heaven Unless It’s Focused on Jesus

The Heaven Promise builds on historic Christian teaching about heaven in a way that synthesizes competing visions of the afterlife.


Can We “Agree To Disagree” On Sexuality and Marriage?

The biggest issue confronting evangelicalism today is not over homosexuality and marriage, but whether or not these are “agree-to-disagree” issues.

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Unashamed Outsider: What Evangelicals Can Learn From Lecrae

A memoir that casts the struggle of being the outsider as the test of true Christian faithfulness.

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America The Exceptional?

The difference between “open” and “closed” exceptionalism, and why it matters.


5 Books You Should Read This Election Year

5 books for enduring an election year and engaging the political process well.

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10 Favorite Reads of 2015

I have selected the ten books that I most enjoyed in 2015. Put these on your wish list and maybe this Christmas you’ll enjoy them too.


5 Resources for Cultivating a Beautiful Culture of Marriage and Sexuality

Here’s how to go behind the gay marriage debate to see the fundamental, beautiful truths about marriage and why they matter.


The Gospel, Marriage, and Sexual Schismatics

Union University’s decision to withdraw from the CCCU is not what is creating division, but the moral heterodoxy of the schools that have abandoned the Church’s witness to marriage.

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