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Why Does It Take an Eclipse to Get Us to Look Up to the Heavens?

Why don’t I do this more often? Am I as attuned as I should be to the glories that surround me all the time?

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In the Steps of Charles Spurgeon (A Journey with Pictures)

A pictorial journey through some of the sites of Charles Spurgeon’s ministry.

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On Coming Out as Fat

According to those who come out as fat, no weight is better than any other weight. To assume otherwise is to further prejudice.

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Give Me Jesus Over Westminster Abbey

If forced to choose between the power of Westminster’s ambience or the power of a simple preacher who shows me Christ, I say: Give me Jesus every time.

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Faithfulness in an Age of Anxiety

Our challenge is to help people mourn for the fallen state of the world while remaining courageous and cheerful with the hope of the gospel.

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Augustine the Lover: Sarah Ruden’s New Translation of “Confessions”

A generous sprinkling of excerpts from a new translation of this Christian classic, in hopes you will “pick up and read.”

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My 3 Big Fears in Parenting Teenagers

Fears and prayers as we step over the threshold into a new stage of life and parenting.

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3 Reasons Why I Quote the Church Fathers When I Preach

Why you should let the great cloud of witnesses be present in your preaching and teaching and writing.

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Don’t Take for Granted the Fragile Blessing of Civility

Recent developments should trouble the heart of anyone who loves liberty.

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White Brothers and Sisters, Take Up and Read

If you have a heart for racial reconciliation and a posture of learning, then apply yourself to this massively complex subject where the world needs our gospel witness.

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