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3 Ways to Make Sure Culture Engagement Doesn’t Lead to Mission Drift

How do we avoid mission drift as we seek to “engage the culture” or “serve the world” in which God has placed us?

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2 Reasons Some Christians Resist the Term ‘Cultural Engagement’

Just what does it mean to “engage the culture?” And should we?

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Visiting the Home and Grave of C. S. Lewis

Come along on a journey from the famous pub where Lewis and Tolkien discussed their writing, to the home and grave of C. S. Lewis.

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Visiting the Home and Grave of G. K. Chesterton

In England, I feel less like a tourist seeing sights and more like a pilgrim giving thanks.

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3 Reasons We Must Never Divorce Leadership Development From Discipleship

Leadership development apart from being a disciple of Jesus always results in skills apart from character, in performance apart from transformation.

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Am I a Hypocrite… and Don’t Even Know It?

No one likes to think they are a hypocrite. That’s why we imagine the worst displays of hypocrisy and then declare ourselves innocent.

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3 Ways ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant’ Story Backfires

Why the famous parable of blind men and an elephant doesn’t make sense of truth and diversity.

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How Donald Trump Divided and Conquered the Religious Right

It’s time for me to sit down for a nice meal of crow.

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The 3 Minor Prophets Who Wrecked Me

The Minor Prophets who have “wrecked” me by their powerful portrait of grace.

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3 Dangers of Dividing People By Generation

Are we overemphasizing the differences between generations at the expense of our commonalities?

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