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Steven Curtis Chapman and the Christian Life as a ‘Great Adventure’

An appreciation of the autobiography of one of my favorite singers.

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Have We Lost the Soul of Evangelicalism?

Are the four pillars of evangelical identity crumbling?

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The Blessing of Weather That Confounds the Control-Freak

Common grace for a technologically idolatrous age.

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The 5 Weightiest Words of Love

Why the wedding day is tied to the funeral service.

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In Dialogue with a Contemporary Anabaptist: A Response to David Fitch

Continuing a dialogue with David Fitch about the strengths and weaknesses of the Reformed and Anabaptist traditions.

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3 Reasons We Need Today’s Anabaptists

Is it the business of the church to transform the world? If not, why not? If so, how?

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‘Alternative Facts’ and Christians as Gullible Skeptics

We’re skeptical toward mainstream media, and gullible toward sites that affirm what we already believe.

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Christians Must Be Myth Busters

Christian myth busters don’t just point out what’s wrong; they embody what’s true, and good, and beautiful.

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This Is Our Time

THIS is the world that God has called us to serve. And this is OUR moment of service and calling.

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The Past and Future Present

Our “now” is next year’s “past” and last year’s “future.” What that means for our choices today.

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