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Welcome Everyone, Affirm No One

The church exists not to affirm ourselves, but to adore the King who loved us and gave Himself for us when there was nothing good in us to affirm.

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The Story Behind a Hymn I Wrote with Matt Boswell: O Spirit, Lift Our Eyes to Jesus

This is my first attempt at writing a hymn. I’m grateful for the beautiful melody that Matt Boswell gave these words, and I pray the hymn serves the Church well.

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Why I Love Reader’s Bibles

Reader’s Bibles, either in one-volume or multi-volume format, present the biblical text in its original, simplified form—without footnotes, study notes, verses, or chapter numbers.

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A Letter to My Former Pastor, on the Occasion of His Retirement

A word of thanks and appreciation to a man God has used to shape my life.

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Churchgoing Is Beautiful

The percentage of Christians who attend church has held steady since the 70’s. But churches report smaller numbers of Christians in worship each week. What’s going on?

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When Should a Church Address a Current Event?

When does a current cultural event necessitate a change of plans in your Sunday morning church service?

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Before the Throne of Social ‘Likes’

We need to consider what our online interaction is doing to our hearts. What are the benefits, the promises, and the dangers?

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In the Steps of Charles Spurgeon (A Journey with Pictures)

A pictorial journey through some of the sites of Charles Spurgeon’s ministry.

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On Coming Out as Fat

According to those who come out as fat, no weight is better than any other weight. To assume otherwise is to further prejudice.

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Give Me Jesus Over Westminster Abbey

If forced to choose between the power of Westminster’s ambience or the power of a simple preacher who shows me Christ, I say: Give me Jesus every time.

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