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On Writing, Branding, and Platform-Building

Is platform-building a necessary evil or a dangerous good?


Thank You For Praying For My Next Book, Here’s An Update

On the other side of four days of extensive writing…

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I Am Going To Write

No matter where I go or whatever else I do, I hope to embrace the hard and rewarding exercise of writing.

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The PhD Dissertation as a Testament to Human Ingenuity and Ignorance

The process pounds into you the reality that you don’t have all the answers. But you do have some answers, and thankfully, having some is a good and noble thing.

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Taking a Break and Asking for Prayer

In the month of July, I will be setting aside the blog as I devote my attention to making significant progress on my dissertation.

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Pikes Peak and My Comprehensive Exams

In just a few hours, I’ll be in a room with a couple pieces of scrap paper and a computer. It’ll be me, my brain, and my Bible.

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Writers, Passive Verbs Are Not Always Bad

We now know that telling writers to avoid the passive is bad advice. The passive construction has a number of indispensable functions because of the way it engages a reader’s attention and memory.

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The 4 Stages of Writing and the 3 Mistakes We Make

The four stages of writing and the three mistakes we often make.


Communicating Clearly and Creatively

Stephen Altrogge and I discuss writing techniques, communication skills, favorite authors, and the best books on writing.

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4 Books for Would-Be Writers

There are dozens of practical books to help you improve your writing skills. I recommend these four. Over the years, I’ve found I keep going back to them for assistance.