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Why Should Your Teaching Be Gospel-Centered? 3 Reasons

Sometimes people will ask, What’s all this talk about being “gospel-centered?” Why do I need to make sure my teaching is gospel-centered? In this video, I give three reasons.

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Gospel Definitions: Daniel Montgomery & Mike Cosper

Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper speak of the gospel in three aspects: kingdom, cross, and grace.

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Gospel Definitions: Lesslie Newbigin

By the word ‘gospel,’ we are talking about a factual statement.

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Gospel Definitions: John Stott

John Stott points to five important elements in the New Testament definition of “the gospel.”

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3 Questions to Ask of Your Sermon

A helpful guide to keeping Christ as the focus of our teaching ministry.

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Gospel Definitions: Jonathan Pennington

A definition of the gospel from Jonathan Pennington.

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Gospel Definitions: Matt Chandler, Josh Patterson, Eric Geiger

A definition of “the gospel” from the book, Creature of the Word: The Jesus Centered Church.

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Gospel Definitions: Trevin Wax

After collecting dozens of “gospel definitions” from blogs and books, I’m tackling the question myself – “What is the gospel?”

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We Are The Gospel Project

As thousands of churches prepare for the launch of The Gospel Project, we’ve been receiving various pictures from different congregations – all doing creative things with the reality that we are God’s gospel project.

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When We Say “Gospel,” Do We Really Mean “The Spirit?”

Evangelicals love to speak in theological shorthand. We employ phrases and terms that become popular, become a badge of identification, and over time get emptied of their meaning.

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