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Pokémon Go in a Fractured and Flattened world

What the popularity of Pokémon Go tells us about American life and American longings in the 21st century.

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Christian Music Radio is More Theological Than You Think

The idea that Christian Contemporary music is only sappy, sentimental, superficial songs is simply untrue.

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Christians Who Feel Marginalized Should ‘Go Local’

Life-changing things don’t just happen in Washington, D.C. The Spirit of the living God is in your local congregation.

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Are Christians Too Focused on Religious Liberty These Days?

Religious liberty as priority, but not totality of our witness in the public square.

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GoatMan and BadgerMan: Should Humans Live as Animals?

For 2 men profiled in The New Yorker, “you’re acting like an animal” would be the greatest of compliments.

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When Your Political Ideology Turns On You

At Oberlin College, the ravenous ideology of identity politics devours its own devotees.

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One Facebook, Two Worlds, Three Problems

Looking at the conservative and liberal timelines side by side, I realized why civil discourse in the age of Facebook is so challenging.

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Why The Culture Wars Rage On

Today’s battlegrounds are only part of the story. The real differences lurk below the surface.

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4 Bigger Repercussions of the Bathroom Decree

Taking a step back and considering what the White House guidelines signify about our culture.

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Evangelical Voters and the Danger of Tyranny – On Both the Right and the Left

Andrew Sullivan cringes at the tyrannical tendencies he observes on the right. Evangelicals are just as concerned about the totalitarian impulses of the left.

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