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Pokémon Go in a Fractured and Flattened world

What the popularity of Pokémon Go tells us about American life and American longings in the 21st century.

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The One Thing About “Downton Abbey” That Really Let Me Down

The difference in learning “about” another era vs. learning “from.”

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“Transparent” and the Art of Propaganda Squads

This show’s creators have a revolutionary perspective on what it means to be human, and they are pushing it unapologetically.

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Colton Dixon and the “Craziness” of Saving Sex for Marriage

How online commenters responded to the idea of saving sex for marriage.

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From Stephen Colbert to Taylor Swift: 4 Reasons I Write Cultural Commentary

Whenever I write about the worldview of a cultural icon or a cultural artifact, I brace myself for the comment streams and Facebook conversations.

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4 Principles for Parenting in a World of Video Games

Some tips from Kevin DeYoung, Dan Darling, Trillia Newbell, and Aaron Earls on limiting your kids’ access to electronic devices.

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The Gospel According to Taylor Swift

According to Jesus, salvation is not about finding yourself, but losing yourself in order to find yourself in Him.

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“The View” On “Being Good” vs. The Gospel

In 5 minutes on “The View,” we see how people view religion in society, as well as the counter-intuitive nature of the gospel of God’s grace.

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Why “God’s Not Dead” Resonated, and What It Missed

The reason some kids abandon their faith is not because they go to college, but because they stop going to church.

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Recommending a Few of My Favorite Podcasts

I’ve received additional recommendations and made some new discoveries in the wonderful world of podcasting. Here are my favorites right now.

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