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Steven Curtis Chapman and the Christian Life as a ‘Great Adventure’

An appreciation of the autobiography of one of my favorite singers.

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The Christmas Hymn G. K. Chesterton’s Wife Gave Us

“How Far Is It To Bethlehem,” in light of a couple’s infertility.

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Christian Music Radio is More Theological Than You Think

The idea that Christian Contemporary music is only sappy, sentimental, superficial songs is simply untrue.

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Unashamed Outsider: What Evangelicals Can Learn From Lecrae

A memoir that casts the struggle of being the outsider as the test of true Christian faithfulness.

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Colton Dixon and the “Craziness” of Saving Sex for Marriage

How online commenters responded to the idea of saving sex for marriage.

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From Stephen Colbert to Taylor Swift: 4 Reasons I Write Cultural Commentary

Whenever I write about the worldview of a cultural icon or a cultural artifact, I brace myself for the comment streams and Facebook conversations.

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The Gospel According to Taylor Swift

According to Jesus, salvation is not about finding yourself, but losing yourself in order to find yourself in Him.

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dc Talk and the Influence of Faith-Fortifying Songs

20 years later, I’m revisiting “Jesus Freak.” Here is what has surprised me.

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Andrew Peterson’s Tribute to Nashville

I just can’t get enough of Andrew Peterson’s new song about Nashville – “Everybody’s Got a Song.”

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Good Theology, Good Lyrics, Good Melody: An Interview with Selah

Since 1997, Selah has been a mainstay in Christian music. The original trio was comprised of brother and sister Todd and Nicol Smith, and their friend Allan Hall. Nicol married and left the group in 2004, and Amy Perry joined a few years later.

The trio has sold more than 4 million albums and singles, and garnered seven Dove Awards. Despite their previous accomplishments, their most recent album, You Amaze Us, has achieved unprecedented success.

Recently, I sat down with Todd, Allan and Amy to ask them about their history, their songs, and why theology is such an important aspect of music.

Trevin: You’ve been together 17 years. What is the secret to longevity in the Christian music industry?

Allan: Every artist has a different story. For us, it comes back to our common heart and a common passion.

Amy: We get asked by other groups, “Do you guys fight a lot? Do you have trouble picking who sings what lead?” and we always say, “No.” In fact, we are so conscious of that kind of thing that we’ll say things like, “I feel like I’ve been singing a lot of leads lately, do you have enough?”

There’s still a brother-sister feel to this group, even though Nicol isn’t with the band anymore and I’m not actually the sister. We still have a unified heart as worshipers.

We know why we are called to do this. It’s ministry. We didn’t pick “You Amaze Us” because we thought it would be a number one hit. We picked it because it resonated with us and …

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