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Google on Abortion: 3 Fresh Ways to Make the Case for Life

Stephanie Gray’s presentation at Google offers fresh ideas for making the case for life.


Don’t Take for Granted the Fragile Blessing of Civility

Recent developments should trouble the heart of anyone who loves liberty.

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Tim Kaine and the Bridge to Hillary Clinton’s Past on Abortion

On abortion, Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine, have flown to different wings within the “pro-choice” camp.

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Orwellian Echoes in the Democratic Platform on Abortion

The 2016 Democratic platform contains a number of euphemisms that hide abortion in a haze of abstraction.

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Advocating for Life, After Colorado Springs

We oppose the violent outburst against Planned Parenthood last Friday, as well as the violence that goes on against helpless victims every day their doors are open.


Before You Debate, You Have to Agree

If we as a society cannot agree agree on basic facts, then we will never be able to debate big ideas.

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3801 Lancaster and the Mystery of Kermit Gosnell

The real mystery of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is not his identity as a serial killer who preyed on women and children, but this question: How could this go on for so long?

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Why Hillary Clinton Was Wrong to Compare Pro-Life Advocates to Terrorists

If you believe in human rights for all, including the unborn, you “don’t want to live in the modern world.” Your position is “extreme” — something we’d expect from “terrorist groups.”

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The Shrug That Scares Me To Death

The absence of societal shuddering in response to the Planned Parenthood videos frightens me more than the videos themselves.


“Shocking Videos!” and the Art of Looking Away

Brought face to face with video evidence of injustice, we do back flips to avoid the conclusion that there is a pattern of injustice and we should do something about it.

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