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A Letter to My Former Pastor, on the Occasion of His Retirement

A word of thanks and appreciation to a man God has used to shape my life.

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We Should Always Take Life ‘One Day At a Time’

God wants us to depend on Him constantly, not just in the time of trial.

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In the Steps of Charles Spurgeon (A Journey with Pictures)

A pictorial journey through some of the sites of Charles Spurgeon’s ministry.

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On My Calling as a Writer

Rich Clark and I had a wide-ranging conversation about writing, theology, and how the Lord has directed my sense of calling.

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My 3 Big Fears in Parenting Teenagers

Fears and prayers as we step over the threshold into a new stage of life and parenting.

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Hope For the Desperate Times

The deeper we dig, the fuller our joy will be when God sends the rains of relief.

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Too Shocked to Pray: A Personal Update

Faith can make use of the waters of affliction, to swim faster to Christ.


“13 Reasons Why” Is Deceptive and Destructive

Netflix’s new teen drama on suicide is wildly popular. I cannot overstate how destructive it is.

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Introducing the Christian Standard Bible

News about a translation that seeks to combine accuracy and readability.


Visiting the Home and Grave of C. S. Lewis

Come along on a journey from the famous pub where Lewis and Tolkien discussed their writing, to the home and grave of C. S. Lewis.

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