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My New Role at LifeWay: Bible and Reference Publisher

I’m honored to join a team responsible for stewarding God’s Word and continuing LifeWay’s tradition of faithful Bible publishing.


According to Moses, I’m Over the Hill

On turning 35, and why I ask the Lord to establish the work of my hands.

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Malia Obama Is Taking a Gap Year. So Did I.

How God used a year off between high school and college to change my life.

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Thank You For Praying For My Next Book, Here’s An Update

On the other side of four days of extensive writing…

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Prayer Request: I Need Wisdom for an Upcoming Project

If you read my blog regularly, please pray for me every day this weekend.

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Grief and Gratitude in the Ashes of Life

You make your house your home, your place of refuge in the world. To watch it go up in flames strikes at the heart of your sense of security and identity.


A Personal Update (and Some Changes Coming to Kingdom People)

My plan is not to spend less time blogging, but to blog less.

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An Update on The Gospel Project Chronological

As we’ve listened to testimonials and invited feedback from users, we’ve discovered interest in seeing all ages journey through the Bible chronologically.

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Why Toys All Around Our House Don’t Bother Me Anymore

I used to get frustrated when the house was cluttered with kids’ stuff. Not anymore.


“Dad, Look!” When Your Kids Invite You Into Their World

When a kid says, “Look at what I made!” they are inviting us into the world of their imagination.

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