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When Should a Church Address a Current Event?

When does a current cultural event necessitate a change of plans in your Sunday morning church service?

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The Pastor Must Fall On His Sword Before He Wields It

We are the only army in the world in which we are called to fall on our swords before we wield them.

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The Most Surprising Lyric in Philippians 2: ‘Even to Death on a Cross’

It’s not just the FACT of Jesus’ death, but the MANNER that matters.

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What Dietrich Bonhoeffer Preached On Memorial Day

For Bonhoeffer, the Church had something unique to say on Memorial Day.

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Introducing the “Word Matters” Podcast

Trevin Wax and Brandon Smith tackle puzzling and contested passages of Scripture.

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This Guy Preached the World’s Longest Sermon: The Whole Bible in 53 Hours

A conversation with Zach Zehnder, a pastor who preached through the whole Bible in 53 consecutive hours.

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Back to Broadus: Why Pastors Still Consult This Preaching Classic

Preaching books come and go, but John Broadus’ work is considered a classic, and it is still in print after more than a century. What has given it such staying power?

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How Can We Preach in An Age of Distraction?

The preacher’s business is with the mind; we have to get people’s attention, and hold their attention, if we hope for our message to make a difference.

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Why the Pastor Must Be “Distracted” With God

The practice of preaching has depended heavily on the assumption that God deserves our attention. Such an assumption can no longer be safely held.

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The Difference Between “Near” and “Far” Application in Preaching

Near application seeks closer resonance between our world and the features, conditions, and situations found in the biblical text. Far application exposes the dissonance between the original situation in the Bible and ours.

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