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Am I a Hypocrite… and Don’t Even Know It?

No one likes to think they are a hypocrite. That’s why we imagine the worst displays of hypocrisy and then declare ourselves innocent.

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The 3 Minor Prophets Who Wrecked Me

The Minor Prophets who have “wrecked” me by their powerful portrait of grace.

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4 Ways the World Will Pressure You to Conform

In every age, the Church must resist the world’s strategies of isolation, indoctrination, assimilation, and confusion.

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According to Moses, I’m Over the Hill

On turning 35, and why I ask the Lord to establish the work of my hands.

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The Wonder of Waking Up to an Ordinary Day

2 very different ways of thinking about your day.

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Faithlessness Shrinks You Down To a Grasshopper

Thinking too little of God sometimes leads you to think too little of yourself.

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The Kiss That Heals The World

“Let me kiss it and make it better.” A clue to the story of our world.

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Maybe You’re Unhappy Because You’re Too Big and Bored

The fuel of joy is gratitude, and the fuel of gratitude is wonder. But wonder gets stifled by entitlement, and gratitude disappears when wonder dies.

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The Spiritual Significance of Smell

Our sense of smell is powerful because it points to a spiritual reality, and that reality points both backwards and forwards.


The Battle That’s Bigger Than The Culture War

Fighting for your rights in society is pointless if you’re not fighting for righteousness in your heart.

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