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3 Reasons Why I Quote the Church Fathers When I Preach

Why you should let the great cloud of witnesses be present in your preaching and teaching and writing.

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How the Beatitudes Invite You to Experience True Human Flourishing

Jesus is offering and inviting his hearers into the way of being in the world that will result in their true and full flourishing now and in the age to come.

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White Brothers and Sisters, Take Up and Read

If you have a heart for racial reconciliation and a posture of learning, then apply yourself to this massively complex subject where the world needs our gospel witness.

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Pastors, the Bible Is the Best Thing You’ve Got Going

Biblical illiteracy is a problem, but many Americans still appreciate the Bible.

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“13 Reasons Why” Is Deceptive and Destructive

Netflix’s new teen drama on suicide is wildly popular. I cannot overstate how destructive it is.

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The Beauty of Spiritual Struggle

We need to revisit the assumption that struggle is bad. Otherwise, we are likely to get discouraged in the spiritual race.

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Have We Lost the Soul of Evangelicalism?

Are the four pillars of evangelical identity crumbling?

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The Blessing of Weather That Confounds the Control-Freak

Common grace for a technologically idolatrous age.

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In Dialogue with a Contemporary Anabaptist: A Response to David Fitch

Continuing a dialogue with David Fitch about the strengths and weaknesses of the Reformed and Anabaptist traditions.

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3 Reasons We Need Today’s Anabaptists

Is it the business of the church to transform the world? If not, why not? If so, how?

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