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Should We Pull the Plug on Cable News?

Three problems with the atmosphere of cable news, and why we may be better neighbors without it.

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Faithfulness in an Age of Anxiety

Our challenge is to help people mourn for the fallen state of the world while remaining courageous and cheerful with the hope of the gospel.

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“13 Reasons Why” Is Deceptive and Destructive

Netflix’s new teen drama on suicide is wildly popular. I cannot overstate how destructive it is.

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Following Christ in a World of Being ‘True to Yourself’

What does it mean to follow Jesus in a world where everyone believes the purpose of life is to follow your dreams and be true to yourself?


Trevin Wax ‘Newsmakers Interview’ at Patrick Henry College

Marvin Olasky and I discuss the culture, the church, and the future.


My Father-In-Law’s Conversion Story

From Communism to Christianity.

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A Word for Politically Panicked Christians

Peter’s instruction to Christian exiles reminds us of the most important battle.

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Talking with Bob the Tomato about ‘This Is Our Time’ (Sort Of)

Fun joining the The Phil Vischer Podcast this week.

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The Benedict Option: Good Strategy, Bad Posture

Christian mission is oriented toward winning a spiritual battle, not surviving a spiritual siege.

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The One Trap Christians Don’t Expect

What if there’s a bigger danger on the horizon? Something that goes beyond the truths we uphold to the hearts that uphold them?

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