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Following Christ in a World of Being ‘True to Yourself’

What does it mean to follow Jesus in a world where everyone believes the purpose of life is to follow your dreams and be true to yourself?


Trevin Wax ‘Newsmakers Interview’ at Patrick Henry College

Marvin Olasky and I discuss the culture, the church, and the future.


My Father-In-Law’s Conversion Story

From Communism to Christianity.

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A Word for Politically Panicked Christians

Peter’s instruction to Christian exiles reminds us of the most important battle.

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Talking with Bob the Tomato about ‘This Is Our Time’ (Sort Of)

Fun joining the The Phil Vischer Podcast this week.

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The Benedict Option: Good Strategy, Bad Posture

Christian mission is oriented toward winning a spiritual battle, not surviving a spiritual siege.

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The One Trap Christians Don’t Expect

What if there’s a bigger danger on the horizon? Something that goes beyond the truths we uphold to the hearts that uphold them?

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Why The Wedding Is Not Mountaintop of a Romantic Relationship

Why most romantic comedies are wrong to assume the wedding is the summit of the romantic relationship.


Why Christians Should Care About Ideas

One of the ways we stand out from the world is by having a freed imagination to think and live differently than the world, in ways that cultivate beauty and grace.


Wanted: Christians Who Defy Categories

I find myself longing more and more for a Christian witness that defies political categories.