4 Reasons To Eat Meat Just Once a Day

I don’t do diets. And I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.

But I did adopt a pseudo-diet as a pseudo-resolution for 2011. (Confused yet? I prefer to call it a lifestyle change.)

I decided to eat meat at only one meal a day.

Why I Made the Change

I will turn 30 this summer. Up until now, I haven’t had to worry much about my weight or my health. Friends tell me that once you get into your thirties (particularly your late thirties), your body begins to turn on you, causing you to be more conscious about exercise, food, etc.

I’m not a health nut, but I do want to be a good steward of the body God has given me. God has put longevity in my genes (I knew four of my great-grandparents, all of whom died in their late 90’s – aside from one: she was 102). God could take my life tomorrow if He wishes, but as much as it depends upon me, I hope to live a long and healthy life to serve King Jesus and enjoy the people I love.

That’s why reducing my meat intake has been a good change for me. Here are four reasons why:

1. Eating Meat Once a Day Leads Me to Healthier Eating

If I’m on the go during my lunch hour, I am less likely to pick up a fast food burger. Why? Because that means I would miss the good food my wife is preparing for dinner.

In addition, foregoing meat has caused me to eat …

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