Counterfeit Gospels: The Back Story (How an Idea Becomes a Book)

Counterfeit Gospels wasn’t the book I initially wanted to write, but it’s now the book I’m glad I wrote.

The Development of a Book Idea

As I wrapped up work on Holy Subversion, I remember thinking: Well, Trevin, this is it! Your first and last book. There’s no way you could come up with enough material to write another book. Writing is hard work. You pour so much of yourself into a book that when you finish, you doubt you could ever do it again.

Over time, that feeling went away. About a year after I completed Holy Subversion, I got to work on a second proposal. My idea was to lead readers through twelve chapters of theology in a way that underscores the breathtaking beauty of Truth – particularly the truth of the gospel and the grand narrative of Scripture. I titled the idea Beautiful Truth, a concept based on a post I had written called “Truth is Beautiful.”

Several publishers liked the concept, but the consensus was that my sample chapter was focused so much on getting the “truth” component right that I had failed to make it exceedingly “beautiful”. So, I went back to my notepad and began working on a sample chapter that would magnify the beauty of the atonement. I worked hard to make the sample chapter more devotional and less didactic. (Parts of that chapter eventually were included in Counterfeit Gospels.)

A New Direction

At the end of the day, the editors at Moody were …

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