Trevin’s Published Articles

Newtown – Should We Be Surprised?
December 2012 Baptist Press

3 Things the Church Can Learn from Election 2012
November 2012 Baptist Press

10 Questions Pro-Choice Candidates are Never Asked by the Media
October 2012 Baptist Press

3 Questions Every Preacher/Teacher Should Ask When Studying
August 2012 Baptist Press

Why We Look Forward to Judgment Day
July-August 2012 Christianity Today

Southern Baptists, We’re Not in Zion Anymore
June 2012 Baptist Press

Not So Fast
April 2012 Tabletalk Magazine

Chuck Colson Taught Me How to Think
April 2012 Baptist Press

Christianity in Crisis? A Response to Newsweek and Andrew Sullivan
April 2012 Baptist Press

Why God Doesn’t Tell You Everything
March 2012 Baptist Press

Inclusivism and Its Effects
February 2012 Credo Magazine

What Do We Do with Our Slavery-Affirming Theological Heroes?
January 2012 Desiring God

Sunday School and Its Rivals
January-February 2012 9Marks eJournal

Book Review – Health, Wealth and Happiness
January-February 2012 9Marks eJournal

Book Review – Preachers of a Different Gospel
January-February 2012 9Marks eJournal

How I Wish TV Debates on Homosexuality Would Go
November 2011 Baptist Press

5 Reasons the Pro-Life Movement is Winning
July 2011 Baptist Press

Being Southern Baptist Among and For Evangelicals
May 2011 Baptist Press

For Me, For Us, For God
April 2011 Christianity Today

The Vindication of Constantine
The much maligned emperor receives a much needed makeover.
A review of ‘Defending Constantine.’
March 2011 Christianity Today

Don’t Let Demas Steal Your Joy
March 25, 2011 Baptist Press

So You Want to Go Deeper in Your Small Group
Redefining Depth as Gospel Centrality
February 2, 2011 Baptist Press

The Great Commission Resurgence Debate
A Guide to what the Southern Baptist Convention is  Arguing Over Today
June 15, 2010 Christianity Today

Jennifer Knapp and Homosexuality: Changing the Questions
April 28, 2010 Baptist Press

Holy Subversion: An Excerpt
March 2010 Christianity Today

Subverting Leisure
March 2010 Christianity.Com

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?
March 23, 2010 Baptist Press – Excerpt from Holy Subversion

Southern Baptists: A Private Matter
July 13, 2009 Christianity Today

The Justification Debate: A Primer
June 2009 Christianity Today

Not An Academic Question
June 2009 Christianity Today

Unchurched or Unsaved?
December 4, 2008  Baptist Press

Finger-pointing, Divisions, and the Decline of the SBC
May 1, 2008 Baptist Press

The Centrality of Christology in the Marburg Colloquy
Adorare Mente: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Student Journal
Spring 2008

Colson the Catechist
A culture warrior sets out to explain Christianity’s essential doctrines.
April 2008, Christianity Today

Our Ears Still Itch
That church down the street isn’t the only one pandering to the congregation.
March 2008, Christianity Today