Book Review- God’s Grand Design

Jonathan Edwards was a deep thinker and dense writer. In this book on Edwards’ theological vision the author takes a glacier and puts it in a tea cup.

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Book Review- The Forgotten Trinity

The Trinity is a doctrine that Christians understand to be very important. At the same time many do not understand it very well. Why do we tolerate a lack of familiarity, understanding, and appreciation for who our God really is?

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Book Review- Grace Abounding: The Life, Books, and Influence of John Bunyan

Many people are familiar with John Bunyan’s book “The Pilgrim’s Progress” but not many know much about the man himself. Any who aim to be encouraged in the grace of Christ will find him a suitable and most helpful companion.

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Book Review- Saving Eutychus

What preacher wants to put people to sleep? This book helps to ensure that the sermon is biblically faithful and, as far as it depends on the preacher, also interesting.

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Book Review- Prayer

This was one of the best books I have ever read on prayer. Practical – Theological – Historical — It made me want to pray.

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Book Review- God’s Glory Alone

What is the glory of God? How do you glorify God? This new book provides helpful instruction on this crucial topic.

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My Favorite Books of 2015

Here are the top books that I enjoyed reading in 2015. It includes some fiction as well as theological books.

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Book Review: The Precious Things of God

You can tell a lot about a person by what they hold to be precious. We give our hearts, time, and resources to these things. They hold value to us. As Christians our objective is to agree with God about what he finds precious and to pursue these same things ourselves. One of the most helpful resources that I have found in this pursuit is entitled The Precious Things of God. It remains a tremendous resource to drive my heart after what is valued by God.

The Precious Things of God was written by Octavius Winslow. He was a 19th Century English pastor and author. Winslow was a dear friend and contemporary of Charles Spurgeon. When you read Winslow it is not difficult to see why. He writes with the same lucid, descriptive, and gospel-dripping pen that Spurgeon deployed in his reservoir of writings for the church.

The book has 12 chapters, each of them quoting a verse to show that something or someone is particularly precious to God. The titles include:

    The Preciousness of Christ
    The Preciousness of Faith
    The Preciousness of Trial
    The Preciousness of God’s Thoughts
    The Preciousness of the Divine Promises
    The Preciousness of Christ’s Blood
    The Precious Anointing
    The Preciousness of God’s Children
    The Preciousness of God’s Word
    The Preciousness of Prayer
    The Preciousness of Christ’s Sympathy with our Infirmities
    The Death of the Saints Precious

As I flip through my old copy of this book the pages are covered with notes and underlining. This book has been like a jar of honey to a sore throat. I have often turned …

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Book Review- Baptist Foundations

What do you think about church government? If we polled 500 evangelicals at churches across the country this weekend, I wonder what we would hear. I suspect that church government does not top the list of subjects of discussion among many church goers and church leaders today. And this is precisely why Baptist Foundations is such a timely and helpful volume. In fact, it is so timely and so helpful, I’m giving it the coveted #1 Book of the Year Award! Seriously, it is the best book I’ve read in 2015. I love it. And you should too. Let me tell you why.

The book is divided into 5 main parts: congregationalism, the ordinances, church membership and discipline, elders and deacons, and the church and churches. Published by 9Marks and edited by Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman, the work aims to provide an enduring collection of resources on a highly neglected but nevertheless important subject. This is a timely book an age that is increasingly anti-institutional with churches that are increasingly agnostic about church polity.

In addition to Dever and Leeman, the contributors include 9 other scholars who make an exegetical and theological case for a Baptist polity. Men such as Tom Schriener (Baptism & Lord’s Supper) and Michael Haykin (History of Congregationalism) join Dever (elders and deacons in history), among others to provide a compelling argument for a Baptist polity.

Another aspect of this book is how practical it is. For example, after a fairly dense chapter by Leeman entitled, “A Congregational Approach …

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Book Review- The Work of the Pastor

One of the longings of young pastors is to spend time with older, seasoned men who have run the race well, and then stand close to the finish line full of zeal and focus. If you are privileged to have this type of interaction you will be greatly refreshed and encouraged.

This is what William Still did for me. Though he is now in heaven and I have never met him, his book The Work of the Pastor is a great blessing to me.

Still was the pastor at Gilcomston South Church of Scotland, Aberdeen for over 50 years! His ministry impact shows today through men like Sinclair Ferguson. Still worked closely with Ferguson in his teenage years until Pastor Stills died in 1997.

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