Are You Out of (Evangelism) Shape?

What if faithful evangelism was simply part of faithful Christianity?

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Christianity is about Strength, Just Not Our Own

Jesus came for weak people who are looking for someone strong to lean upon in faith. He did not come for apparently strong people who are looking for congratulations on their awesomeness.

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Living Intentionally Together as a Married Couple

Over time we grow older and pursue what we want to. Married Christians should work to intentionally and jealously pursue time together. As we do we have the opportunity to joyfully reflect the gospel.

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We are Saved By God, From God and For God

If you are a Christian you are saved from God (from his just wrath), you are saved by God (by his sacrifice) and you are saved for God (for his delight and praise).

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Keeping the Gospel Soundtrack on Repeat

It is the age-old priority for Christians to meditate upon the cross of Christ. It is also the age-old problem to forget it. This quotation from a Christian classic helps to remind and refocus us.

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If He Can’t Destroy You, He’s Content to Divert You.

We are not ignorant of his schemes (2 Cor. 2.11). If Satan can’t destroy you he is content to simply divert you.

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The Christmas Story is Personal

The Christmas story is about the deepest, most personal, secure, and powerful love that could ever be experienced. It is about intimacy through full-knowledge and security through full-redemption. When this penny drops it is an absolute game-changer for us.

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Is it Healthy to Adopt Edwards’ Resolutions for the New Year?

Edwards’ resolutions serve as timeless guides for holiness but they can also become a devastatingly oppressive law upon the Christian. Great care and thoughtfulness is required when you consider making resolutions.

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Advent Meditation: Swaddling Righteousness

The one who swaddled the stars with darkness (Job 38.9) is now swaddled in cloth as a baby. This is such mind bending, heart melting truth! Christ, the Lord God, becomes a man, and dwells among us (John 1.14).

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Good News Bringing Great Joy

Joy is the result of abiding trust in a God who is omnipotent and omni-benevolent towards you. Joy comes from knowing that God is powerful and lovingly for you!

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