Where Are All the Revivals in Islamic Countries?

J. D. Greear, pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, has long-standing interest in Islamic people groups. Recently, as he finished reading Collin Hansen and John Woodbridge’s A God-Sized Vision: Revival Stories that Stretch and Stir, he closed the book and wondered, “‘Where are all the revival stories in Islamic counties?” They remain to be written by God.

Greear talks with Mark Mellinger from TGC about his desire and vision for church planting among Muslims. But they also talk about a number of other issues—including denominations and church planting and how to evaluate success in a numbers-oriented culture. He provocatively says, “We may have too many books that have gospel in the title, but we don’t have enough books that have gospel at the center.” And he tells us about his work on a new book that tell us “stop asking Jesus into your  heart.” I’ll let him explain.

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  • Mitchell Hammonds

    Wow! I’m a recent Lutheran convert from Southern Baptist and I don’t remember much about this interview… but I fully agree with Greear’s Gospel statement “It isn’t about what I’ve done 5 years ago but about what Christ did 2000 years ago” and I would only add… “for me and you.” That is a hopeful statement for the Southern Baptists. Many thanks J.D!

  • Cristian Rata

    I think that church plants in Muslim countries, given the opposition to Christianity, should be ‘home-church’ plants! I think that Greer, who worked with Muslims, would agree!?

  • discouraged

    Having judged the book by it’s cover and commenting only on the article title, I am disappointed. From speaking with folks in the middle east and having a missionary who has been on the ground in Irag/Afganistan for the last decade come to our church for an update and show us pictures of the fast growing churches in Syria, Egypt, etc etc. it appears that whoever titled tho article has no clue about what is really going on in the middle east. There are truly amazing things going on there! Iran is the fastest growing evangelical church in the world, followed by 2 other countries in the region. Muslims are coming to faith in Christ by the thousands. And it’s not because of missionaries, it’s because Jesus is revealing HImself to them in dreams and visions. Apparently time is running out and Jesus is tired of waiting for the labors to get over their and obey HIm, so He is doing the work himself.
    It’s disappointing that a article with a title like this would be featured on this website. It’s what I’d expect from the secular media, but not from the GC.