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Toward a Gospel-Shaped Church Culture in Latin America

Bible-based, gospel-centered, Jesus-exalting church culture. Perhaps you’re used to hearing about (and hopefully seeing) that sort of thing. Not so for many in Latin America.

In a new roundtable video, Juan Sanchez, Miguel Núñez, and Carlos Conteras discuss the need for such an environment in Latino local churches.

“Though it may sound cliché, we cannot underestimate the danger of assuming the gospel,” contends Sanchez, pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. Whether in exchange for moralistic civil religion or unbridled pragmatism, assuming the gospel has always led to losing it. In addition to preserving the gospel’s clarity, adds Contreras, pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Juárez, Mexico, Latin American believers must fight to trust its power. Indeed, observes Núñez, a new TGC Council member, as “the image of God becomes smaller and the image of man becomes larger in our own minds,” the more tempted we’ll be to rely on our own understanding and effort rather than on God’s wisdom.

Cultivating “a biblical mind” is a particularly pressing need in a Latin American culture that often tends toward emotion. “Emotion is not bad,” Sanchez explains, but emotion “fired up by something other than truth” most certainly is.

Watch the full seven-minute video to hear these pastors discuss misguided passion, letting the gospel do its thing, and more. You can find more resources on gospel-centered ministry in the Latin American context at the TGC Spanish site, Coalición por el Evangelio.

TGC Announces a New Site En Español

Through our website, The Gospel Coalition aims to circulate excellent, gospel-centered biblical, theological, and pastoral resources. Our site, which attracted more than 31 million pageviews in 2012, enables us to deliver these essays, news reports, books, videos, sermons, and much more for minimal cost. But the website also gives these resources a global audience. Last year more visits came from Sydney, Australia, than any other city except Chicago. London and Singapore also appeared in the top 10. The main factor limiting our reach has been language. Until now.

Working with friends around the world who share our beliefs and priorities, TGC now hosts a Spanish-language website filled with editorial content provided by pastors, theologians, and other church leaders in Spain, Latin America, the United States, and elsewhere. We don’t propose to simply translate English resources into Spanish. Instead, we hope to highlight and assist the incredible Spanish-speaking men and women already serving the church by producing and distributing thoughtful, faithful resources.

Two men in particular have been and will be instrumental in guiding this new initiative. In Spain, Patricio Ledesma, part of Iglesia Bautista Reformada of Palma de Mallorca, handles logistics. And from the Dominican Republic, Jairo Namnún, part of Iglesia Bautista Internacional led by Miguel Núñez, deals with content and editing. They oversee a growing group of translators and collaborators, all pastors or seminary professors committed to the sufficiency of Scriptures and with knowledge of the doctrines of grace. Right now the 12 regular contributors come from Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and different parts of the United States.

“At we understand that the Spanish-speaking world is lacking, in general, good resources and good voices with good theology, with a passion for God’s people and for the lost,” Ledesma and Namnún explain. “We do have good preachers, and good ministries, but we feel the need for a hub in the web where people who love the Lord and share the theology of historical Christianity can find fresh content and get to know like-minded ministries.”

Even as we launch this new initiative, we continue to seek other ways to equip the Spanish-speaking church. We’re excited about the Spanish-language track of three workshops and one focus gathering at our upcoming national conference in Orlando, and we will provide live Spanish translation at the main sessions. And through TGC International Outreach, we will continue to provide Theological Famine Relief by donating physical resources for those particularly in the Global South with limited access to the internet.

Through all these efforts, we seek to foster a network of Spanish-speaking Christians who can stamp the next generation with gospel-centered resources for the global church. May the Lord himself strengthen his blood-bought church through the faithful proclamation of the gospel.